Dental crowns are meant to improve the teeth’s function and appearance. The crowns are placed on top of a fractured, damaged or badly colored tooth. Before getting dental crowns, make sure to become familiar with the pros and cons.

Dental Crowns Advantages

Getting dental crowns presents a lot of benefits:

*Durability; dental crowns can last for up to 10 years if properly cared for
*Aspect; the look of the tooth will be natural
*Restoring dental function and protecting the tooth
*Form; a destroyed tooth will get its initial shape after the placement of the crown

Dental Crowns Disadvantages

The installation of dental crowns is an irreversible process, so the following disadvantages must also be considered:

*Cost; the price of dental crowns exceeds the price of treating the tooth with amalgam or other materials
*The tooth must be prepared so that the crown fits, so a few millimeters will be taken off the tooth
*If the crown retains a nerve in it, you may have sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and food
*Tooth decay under the crown; if the cement that fixates the crown is dissolved, this may allow bacteria to get under the crown and cause tooth decay
*Gingival inflammation may be caused by crowns made of porcelain
*Ceramic crowns are susceptible to chipping

Do a cost-benefits analysis and see if the dental crowns are suitable for your situation.