A necklift tightens the skin and muscles around the neck and jaw line area allowing for a more youthful appearance. This procedure is performed by having a small incision made behind the ears. The weak muscles of the neck are then pulled and elevated. It can be done either with or without a Platysmaplasty, a small incision under the chin, depending on the desired results and area to be treated. The necklift offers many cosmetic and health benefits.

Younger and Thinner Appearance

When the skin and muscles around the neck area sag and droop and jowls develop from either aging, rapid loss of weight, smoking or from the sun, it can give the impression of aging and weight gain. A necklift with a more defined jaw line can make a person look years younger and thinner.

Removes Excess Fat of Double Chin or Jowls

The fat is removed above and below the platysma, which is the thin layer of muscle that is on each side of the neck right under the superficial fascia that is the loose connective tissue under the skin containing fat. When the fat is removed under the skin in the area of the neck with a necklift, the weight will not be regained in that area.

Removes Excess Skin

Reports show that this type of treatment removes excess skin by tightening the muscles. Once the excess skin and fat is removed, the skin is re-draped over the neck.

Treats Retrognathia

A necklift treats retrognathia, the receding of the jaw line, and will help to achieve a more balanced jaw line and beautiful neck.

Smooths Neck

By removing the “turkey neck” and loose skin in the neck area, a more smooth and attractive neck is revealed.

Corrects Lines and Wrinkles

Lines and wrinkles in the neck area are often difficult to treat. Fillers often are not the ideal choice for the neck area. Reports show complications like difficulty with breathing with injection fillers in the neck. Studies show that a necklift is often the best choice for this area to be treated.

Facelift Appearance

At times, an individual is only bothered by the neck area and does not want a complete face lift. The necklift offers this option. This procedure can give the appearance of a facelift, but without the rigid tightness that some facelifts can produce. Because only the neck area is involved, it is more natural in appearance. With a face lift, the skin becomes much thinner and nerve damage can occur.   

Compliments Other Cosmetic Procedures

The necklift compliments other cosmetic procedures such as a face lift, brow lift or even liposuction.

It is always recommended to get a good medical consult as to whether a surgical or non-surgical method is applicable to the area that requires treatment, depending on the personal circumstances. As with any medical procedure, always be assured that the individual that is performing the treatment is a highly trained medical professional for the necklift.