In the United States the average price of a single cycle of IVF, in vitro fertilization treatment, is just over twelve thousand dollars. Because several cycles may be needed before a successful pregnancy results, the overall costs can multiply quickly. This price might seem excessive, but it covers all of the medical screenings for the male and female, all laboratory testing, the recovery of eggs, and the transfer of the embryo into the uterus.

Other parts of the in vitro fertilization process may not be a part of the original package. These include drugs which aid ovulation and other prescription medicines used during the process. Some of these may be covered by insurance, but others are not. Some parents also choose the option of freezing any unused embryos for the future. This is not typically a part of the original quote for services and may require additional funds.

It is important to note that insurance companies in fourteen states have mandatory requirements to fund some portion of the in vitro fertilization treatments. Some only cover the initial diagnosis of infertility, but others provide for some medications, lab work and doctor’s fees. A few insurance companies even offer riders for infertility coverage, but these must be purchased before the diagnosis is made and are often expensive. The only way to be confident that an insurance company will provide partial coverage is to get a quote in writing before beginning the in vitro fertilization process.

If you live in a state which does not require insurance participation, it is wise to discuss your financial situation with the staff at the fertility clinic, who can often suggest some options other than traditional loans or credit card usage. These might include financial plans unique to that particular office with payment plans that do not stress a limited budget. Financial counselors might also direct patients to companies known to provide coverage for health procedures who may be able to hold interest rates to a minimum.