Periodontitis is a disease that is due to aging or the lack of proper dental hygiene. Cosmetic gum surgery is a procedure that can improve your smile by adding gum tissue or removing excess gum tissue.

Cost of Cosmetic Gum Surgery

A gum recountoring can cost from $500 to $2000, depending on the complexity of the procedure. The price depends on how much the dentist needs to cut or add to the gum line. The procedure may be performed employing laser beams; traditional surgery is another option. The costs of laser surgery are a bit higher those of the traditional surgery. The costs of cosmetic gum surgery vary across the country and depend also on the doctor’s experience.

Insurance Coverage

Dental insurance covers the cost of cosmetic gum surgery, as gum disease can have harmful effects on your health. Typically, gum surgery is not an elective procedure. Gum disease may lead to dental loss and infections due to bacteria that can easily enter the blood flow through the receding gum line.


In case you don’t have a dental insurance, you need to look into a few financing options. Talk to your dentist about possible payment plans. You may also opt for a loan from a financial institution. Medical lenders may be found online; take your time and do some research to ensure you get an advantageous loan.

In case you have receding gums or gum tissue in excess, you shouldn’t delay your visit to a dentist’s office. A dental insurance will cover the procedure; alternatively, you may get financing. In case you consider dental caps or other cosmetic dental procedures, talk to your dentist about a possible price reduction.