The gall bladder removal is a surgical procedure that may be performed in or outpatient. Typically, the insurance will cover part of the costs of the surgery, but being a costly procedure, you need to get informed on the costs and what you will have to pay.

Cost of Gall Bladder Removal

The cost of the gall bladder removal procedure may vary greatly depending on whether it is performed as an in or outpatient procedure. An outpatient gall bladder removal surgery costs may be between $ 4000 and $10,000. This includes the surgeon’s fee, the cost of anesthesia and a day of hospitalization. The price may also depend on the area where the surgery is performed; for instance, Utah may be less expensive than California. The price may also vary depending on the surgeon’s experience and fees.

If the procedure is performed as an inpatient procedure, you will have to add the hospitalization fees, which can be very high (on average $1,800 per day).

Insurance Coverage

The insurance will typically cover part of the surgery, so you may end up paying 10% to 30% of the surgery costs, depending on each insurance provider in part. Contact your insurance provider to find out how much of the costs are covered.

Financing of Gall Bladder Removal

If you don’t have insurance coverage for the gall bladder removal surgery, you will have to find a way to finance the procedure. Get informed on some medical loaners or ask the clinic if they have a payment plan available.