Following laser vaginal rejuvenation, patients usually return to their normal activities within twenty-four to seventy-two hours of the procedure. Patients who have a combination of treatments done will take longer to recover, while those who have a single area treated will recover much quicker. The doctor always keeps patients under supervision until the effects of the anesthesia have dissipated.

Following this type of surgery, patients will typically experience varying degrees of discomfort. Most women who have laser vaginal rejuvenation experience some discoloration and swelling in the area of treatment. This will fade within the first few days after surgery, but during this time, patients can control swelling through the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. These can also help to control pain, but most doctors will also send the patient home with some type of narcotic pain relief. These can be useful during the early days of recovery. Sex is usually allowed again about six weeks after surgery, but this depends on the rate of healing and the number of procedures performed during the rejuvenation process.

Doctors also suggest that patients use cold compresses to control swelling for several days or until it begins to subside. Many patients find that these ice packs help with pain control as well. Some specialists also ask patients to refrain from lifting anything for a while until the muscles have some time to heal. It is also a good idea to keep exercise light and easy for the week after surgery. Sometimes creams or gels are provided to help the affected area heal faster. By following doctor’s orders, one can lessen the chance of infection and speed recovery from laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Women are always impatient to experience the final results of laser vaginal rejuvenation. They are usually delighted with the results once the redness and swelling begin to subside. The new firmness created by these procedures to tighten muscles frequently results in greater sexual satisfaction and a growth in confidence. Patients also report feeling more comfortable during intercourse once they have recovered from the surgery. Ninety-six percent of those who undergo laser vaginal rejuvenation consider the process a success.