If you're an expectant mother considering Invisalign or you're already using these clear, removable aligners while pregnant, you probably have a few concerns about the safety of the procedure for you and your child. Read on to learn more about some common concerns of expectant mothers using these aligners.

Do the Aligners Contain BPA?

The greatest concern of expectant mothers is if the heavy-duty plastic aligners used during the Invisalign treatment are made with Bisphenol-A (BPA), a commonly found chemical in some plastics that has been uncovered as a potentially harmful ingredient, particularly to infants and young children. However, there is no BPA in these devices. They are made from polyurethane resins that have been tested and approved by the FDA for biocompatibility. (i.e., the plastics don't trigger any negative reactions in the mouth.)

Can the Treatment Be Stopped?

Although there is rarely any danger to expectant women or their children when using Invisalign, the treatment is easily stopped at any time--just stop wearing the aligners. However, the medical professional overseeing the treatment will likely recommend that you do not stop the treatment even while pregnant. Failure to wear the aligners as directed will result in the teeth moving back to their original crooked, gapped and/or overcrowded positions, wasting all of the time and money you have invested into the treatment. It will also make subsequent aligners, which have already been designed and molded based on the projected path of the treatment, unusable, but you will still be charged for them.
Invisalign is non-intrusive and quite safe for most pregnant women, but to err on the side of caution, discuss your pregnancy with your dentist, orthodontist or cosmetic specialist overseeing the treatment as soon as possible.