General Information

1) What is cosmetic gum surgery?
Cosmetic gum surgery involves using surgical techniques to graft tissue, usually from the palate, to the area of the gum line where gums are receding, due to age, disease, or natural wear.

2) Who is a candidate for cosmetic gum surgery?
Patients with receding gum lines, loosened teeth, or “long-tooth” smiles can benefit greatly from cosmetic gum surgery.

3) What is cosmetic gum surgery useful for?
As gums recede, patients may experience an increase in tooth sensitivity, and may even risk losing teeth. As a preventive measure, cosmetic gum surgery can address both of these issues, as well as strengthen gum tissue that has weakened due to periodontal disease. The procedure can also be used to improve the appearance of “long” teeth.

4) How is the procedure performed?
The procedure typically involves taking small grafts of tissue from the palate on the roof of your mouth and attaching them to the gum area with sutures. Local anesthesia is usually used, although general or twilight anesthesia may be used in cases where extensive surgery is required.

5) What is the recovery like?
As with any surgery, there may be some general discomfort which can be alleviated with oral medications, but recovery time is generally short. Your dentist usually will prescribe use of an anti-bacterial mouth rinse for two weeks after surgery.

6) Results
After surgery, an improved change in the appearance of the smile line is immediately noticeable. Unlike scaling, which simply removes bacteria beneath the gum line, cosmetic gum surgery can improve the health of gums and teeth, reduce sensitivity, and prevent further decay or loss, as well as improving appearance.

7) Is cosmetic gum surgery approved for use in the USA?
Yes, cosmetic gum surgery is approved in the U.S.

8) Is cosmetic gum surgery covered by insurance companies?
Coverage varies widely, but if the procedure is preventative, many major insurance plans will cover at least a portion of the cost.

9) What is the cost for cosmetic gum surgery?
The cost of cosmetic gum surgery can vary widely, depending upon the amount of grafting required and how many of the teeth are affected. Your dentist may also recommend additional procedures in conjunction with gum surgery to improve the appearance of your teeth. Generally, cosmetic gum surgery costs range from $600 to $3,000.


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