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Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area?

Is Sclerotherapy the best for broken veins in the ankles and foot area? Is there a better procedure for this area of the body?

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Replied on 3/11/2010

By: VeinSolutions - Edina  |  
Edina, MN

That is the treatment that we would use, we feel it works the best in comparison to other options, such as laser.

Replied on 3/11/2010

By: Innovative Vein  |  Paul Cheatum, M.D.
Wichita, KS

Sclerotherapy is almost always the best approach for any surface veins like this.

Replied on 3/11/2010

Replied on 3/12/2010

By: Miller Vein  |  Jeffrey H. Miller, M.D.
Steven K. Wang, M.D.
Michael E. Lulenski, M.D.
Zoe Deol, M.D.

Novi, MI

It really depends on the type of veins. For the small red veins, I believe the best option is veinwave. For the larger spider veins sclerotherapy or laser are relatively similar however laser usually hurts more.

Replied on 3/14/2010

By: Laser Vein Center  |  Thomas Wright, M.D., F.A.C.P., R.V.T.
O'Fallon, MO

It really depends on the type of veins. For tiny red veins, I believe the best option is veinwave. For the slightly larger red and blue spider veins sclerotherapy is usually the best. Sometimes laser can be used but it hurt more and takes more treatments.

Replied on 3/16/2010

By: General Vascular Surgery Group  |  Michael D. Ingegno, M.D.
Robert O’Neil Gingery, M.D.
Lamont D. Paxton, M.D.

San Ramon, CA

It's a good treatment for the small ankle veins.

Replied on 3/16/2010

By: Vein Specialty Medical Clinic, Inc.  |  Khalil Fattahi M.D.
Board Certified, American Board of Phlebology

Campbell, CA

Yes, provided the feeding vein (i.e. varicose veins and feeder reticular bluish veins above that are are treated first. Usually, treatment of ankle and foot spider veins should be left for the last session of sclerotherapy.

Replied on 3/16/2010

By: Health Qare Associates of Northern Virginia  |  Murat Sor, M.D.
Arlington, VA

Depending on the size and location of the veins, sclerotherapy, microphlebectomy or laser may be best.

Replied on 3/16/2010

By: Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa  |  Deborah Manjoney, M.D.
Pewaukee, WI

When someone has small spider veins around the foot and ankle, we probe to see if she is having any leg aching, cramps or fatigue. These vessels frequently are associated with a problem in a superficial vein trunk. An ultrasound evaluation of the leg might be needed to clarify the problem. If the trunk vein is functioning normally, then our practice is to use a surface pinpoint laser to trace over the small veins, and use limited injections of sclerotherapy at the same time. Two to three treatment episodes are usually needed.

Replied on 8/25/2010

By: Vanish Vein and Laser Center  |  John Landi,MD,FACS,RPVI,RPhS, Diplomate ABVLM
Naples, FL

What is the best treatment for veins around the foot and ankle depends on several factors-size of the veins, reflux in the saphenous system and experience of the treating physician. The options are sclero, laser or microphlbectomy.

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